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Yvonne Riggie, RA provides coaching and consulting services to future homebuilders eager to break through the confusion and frustration of starting the homebuilding journey.

Ready to dive in and designing and building your dream home? A private, one-on-one coaching program with Yvonne is a great way to stay focused, get those burning questions answered, get to the heart of what you want in home, and make it happen.  Think years of expert planning, research, know-how and tactical guidance in each session. Yvonne will dive deep with you to explore and understand like never before your ideas, goals, and dreams. She’ll work with you to break through the mental blocks, confusion, and frustration currently holding you back and help you create an empowering, effective action plan for BIG results that you’ll love. Drawing on her 1o years of experience in the design and construction industry, you’ll receive the transformational help you need to create the success and happiness you want.  Get the private, tailored support you want today.


Coaching calls with Yvonne are highly personalized and specific to you and your project. With over 10 years experience, Yvonne has the expertise, knowledge, and technical know-how to understand buildings and processes. She’s a problem-solver who can spot issues before they arise and has a strategic mindset to effectively see the big picture without missing the smaller details. At the same time, her talent lies in explaining complex and confusing issues in an uncomplicated, logical, human, and genuine way. But most importantly, she’s purposeful and has a true passion for making a difference and empowering individuals to create positive change in their lives and with their dream projects.

Are you struggling with:

  • Feeling stuck and overwhelmed in understanding the homebuilding process and where to start?
  • Knowing you have the potential to create a great home, but can’t figure how to achieve it?
  • Unable to figure out what to do first or next in the process?
  • Lacking the confidence or positive mindset needed to make the project a success?
  • Wanting more support or guidance in the decisions that you’re making from an unbiased expert?

One-hour private laser-focused coaching session, to help you identify and strategize the best next steps to achieving a happier, more enjoyable journey, and overcome the blocks, issues, and challenges in the way of greater project success and help you move forward.


In one short hour, you’ll get on the path to:

  1. Determining the best next steps to take to start or continue your homebuilding journey
  2. Identifying the “right” direction for you and creating a plan for that direction
  3. Gaining new support and an advocate to help you succeed
  4. Making the impact you want to improve your own life and the life of others
  5. Creating a S.M.A.R.T. action plan to move you forward and avoid costly missteps

In this session, Yvonne will help you “peel the onion” to identify what you really want and what’s in the way. In just one hour, Yvonne will help you uncover — and move beyond — the current blocks in the way of your having the life and house you dream of.


One-Hour Private Coaching Call: $125.00/phone or $150.00 in person (Columbus, OH-based only)

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