Access to quality architecture shouldn’t be a privilege of only the wealthy.

Do you ever find yourself:

  • Thinking about renovating your home or wanting to build an addition or studio in the back yard but don’t know where to start or who to talk to?
  • Wishing you could build a new custom home but don’t understand the design and construction process OR think you can even afford it?
  • Wishing you could do more to improve the current space you live in (whether you rent or own you place) but don’t have any good ideas?
  • Or do you have just a few spaces or elements of your house that are inadequate or unsatisfying (the lighting levels are off, the wasted space under the stairs, the sloping floors, the tripping hazards, the old windows) and you’d like to make them better?

If any of these sound like you, chances are you’re not alone. And you’ve taken a step in the right direction already by acknowledging that your current living situation is less than ideal or doesn’t meet your needs. You’re not satisfied and want things to be different, to be better. That’s great! Now, let’s do something about it!

But what should you do?

You’ve never built a custom house, added on to your existing home, or created a workshop in the backyard before? You’ve never replaced windows or opened up walls before. You don’t even have the slightest idea where to start, who to talk to, or if you can even afford it. That’s OK. Many people like you are frustrated and confused about the process of designing and building a project or even just making small chances to their home. It’s can be a complex process depending on the situation. But don’t worry, we can help you!

Whether you are renting, looking to do a major renovation or addition, or want to build or buy a new home, this website will serve as a welcoming and supportive place where we can share the knowledge necessary to make educated design and construction decisions with confidence for projects big and small.

But wait…you’re probably thinking you can’t afford to work with an architect, right? Wrong. Working with an architect can actually save money in the long run. We can explain more about how when you’re ready to get started. But because we know that not everyone can afford to work with an architect for full architectural services and because we are passionate believers that everyone deserves the right to experience well-designed and thoughtful spaces, we created the OpenDoor. It’s our way of making architecture more accessible to everyday people like you.

The OpenDoor is a grassroots initiative to create opportunities for all kinds of people on any budget, to learn what good design and architecture is all about, gain knowledge in how to incorporate good design sensibilities into their lives, and get the guidance and support to help make it happen.

Our goal with this initiative is to create an online resource center – sharing information, ideas, tools, and resources – for you to learn from and take action in designing and building your next project, or simply making small improvements here or there.

Our knowledge center will be a living resource – we will regularly add, update, and refresh the content we share with you. Our intent is to make the information super clear, simple, and easy – and make for a fun journey. No more guesswork, no more confusion. Through guides, worksheets, case studies, resources, tools, and products we hope to bridge the knowledge gap that is prevalent in the design and construction industry and help you become one step closer to realizing your goal.

We hope that this wealth of information and support encourages you to become more involved in the design and construction process for your next project. If you’re willing to focus, learn, get inspired (and stay inspired!), and put in a little extra effort you’ll be one step closer to achieving a successful project.

[Transition] The content we intend to provide is not exhaustive or specific to every situation, nor is the information a substitute for professional advice. But it offers a foundation of learning and a strong starting point for you to create a lasting piece of architecture. Whether you choose to work with us throughout the design and construction process, work with someone else, or simply just want to educate yourself, we hope you find value in the content we share. And as always, we welcome any feedback, comments, or suggestions so feel free to contact us.

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