Why the “OPEN DOOR” name?

I wanted a name that hinted at what this “project” would become. I didn’t want a random name. I’m creating a purpose-driven brand, after all, so I wanted a purposeful name that related to the overall mission of the project.

I spent a long time brainstorming words that represented what I wanted this project to represent, what it would be for people, what I wanted it to do, and how I wanted it to make people feel.

achieve, create, spark, believe, harvest, empower, improve, impact, effect, affect, imagine, educate, confidence, can do, learning, challenge, knowledge, connection, effort, feasible, ready, idea, potential, possible, at hand, experience, for all, together, within reach, open, accessible, doable, inspiring, kickstart, start, flow, kickoff, jumpstart, open to, purposeful, activate, take action, construct, advocate, companion, assist, pioneer, guide, support, help, building dreams one house at a time, table, door, roof, building, walls, place, hand, village, footing, foundation, home, house, field, good design, residential, construction, building, architecture, builder, habitat, habitable, network, startup, process, toolkit, resource, matrix, kit, manual, center, platform, project, connection, framework, resource, template, handbook, initiative, library, space, place


Then, I started combining words – nouns with verbs, adjectives with nouns, and adverbs with verbs until I found a few that resonated.

Inspiring Habitats, ArchShare, ArchMatters, Achieve Good Design, Achieving Architecture, Design Habitat, DesignStartup, DesignMatters, Design Spark, Designhand, the Open Door, Habitable Possibilities, Feasible Architecture, Good Design for all, Habitable Companion, Inspiring Good Design, Kickstart Good Design


I narrowed down the list based on how closely the name matched the overall intent of what I wanted the project to be. I eliminating names that didn’t quite align with my mission – ones that alluded to something it wasn’t or excluded something that it was. I also thought of possible taglines that helped reinforce the overarching mission. And did a quick domain name search.

Finally, after discussing the project with a few friends/family members, I asked them to pick their favorite from a final shortlist. And there you have it… the OPEN DOOR.


But there is more to it than that.


Throughout the naming process, I considered the meaning of the words and the symbolism.

I was drawn to the meaning of the word “OPEN“.

  • accessible
  • clear
  • free
  • usable
  • approachable
  • unblocked
  • unobstructed

I want this platform to be accessible by all, regardless of income, education, location, or circumstance.


I like the literal reference to a “DOOR“. I like how it references a physical part of a house – hinting at the focus of the platform. I also like the meaning:

  • an entryway
  • gateway
  • portal
  • opening

I want this to be your “gateway” to creating a better home and life for yourself. 


In combination, I like the metaphor and visual of an “OPEN DOOR“. I like how it signifies something:

  • reachable
  • welcoming
  • inviting
  • available

I want to create a place that is inviting and welcoming to all and provides advice, education, and support in this otherwise confusing industry. 


And finally, tying it all together:

I want to create the OPEN DOOR as a welcoming, online platform dedicated to supporting you through the home design and construction process. I want to provide an OPEN, supportive, and encouraging experience to help you gain confidence and move past the mental blocks that stop many homeowners from beginning the home creation journey AND provide the information, resources, and tools to help you take action, even if you’re just starting out.


I’d love your thoughts on the name and my thought process. Feel free to share them in the comments section below.

– Yvonne