What If You Could Feel Confident in Understanding How To Create the Home of Your Dreams… Even If You Have Absolutely NO Idea Where To Begin?

Well, Guess What?  We’re About To Show You!

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Welcome to the OPEN DOOR!

The Ultimate Resource For Creating Your Perfect Home With Confidence

The OPEN DOOR is a welcoming, online platform fully dedicated to supporting you through the home design and construction process. Unlike other resources that just throw information at you, we create a motivating experience that combines educational content with various other resources to not only educate but also empower you to take action.

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We’ve created an infrastructure that provides an OPEN, supportive, and encouraging experience – to help you move past the overwhelm, fear, and anxiety that stops many homeowners from beginning the home creation journey.


Combining education with empowerment makes the OPEN DOOR the ultimate go-to resource for creating the home you’ve always wanted!



relevant content
step-by-step actionable outlines
helpful guides & cheatsheets

(educating you before you begin AND assisting you through the journey when things get tough)

actionable worksheets & courses
inspiring case studies
1:1 coaching
supportive community

(connecting you to other like-minded people going through the same experiences you are to motivate you when you start losing steam and confidence)

The OPEN DOOR is about bridging the gap between what you want (your dream home) and how you get it.

Why the OPEN DOOR?

Designing and building a home, addition, or renovation isn’t easy.

It’s a complex and intimidating process involving various steps, team members, unknowns, and uncertainties.  It’s a process you’re not familiar with. You’re not likely to have many friends or family members who’ve done it. It’s expensive. And thus far, despite your willingness to work hard and your passion to create the home you’ve always wanted, things just haven’t worked out and your great idea hasn’t become a reality.

It’s no wonder there are so many resources out there catering to innocent and budding homeowners who want to design and build a home. But those resources are often confusing, outdated, unreliable, biased and some even sound sales-y. How then, can you rely on them to ease your anxiety and get you through the home creation process confidently?

No matter how much information you consume, it won’t be enough if you don’t have the right inner foundation, THE RIGHT MINDSET, to move forward in pursuing your dream project.

 Yes, practical information is helpful, but moving past the fears, doubts, and lack of confidence is just as important. It’s when you can overcome the internal roadblocks that you can really deal with the external challenges that are for sure to come.

When we took a closer look at the situation, we noticed many aspiring homeowners who wanted to create better homes for themselves ran into a mountain of challenges. But the biggest challenge we noticed was people’s own mindset. They were giving up on a dream simply because it seemed too difficult, complicated, and overwhelming to achieve.

Do any of these statements sound familiar?

  • You’ve always wanted to create your own dream home, but have no idea WHO to talk to, HOW to design it, or even know WHICH “hoops” you need to jump through to make it happen AND it all sounds too complex and downright confusing.
  • You may even have your own “secret stash” of ideal floor plans, dream home images, doodles of things you think would be great to have in a home… but knowing HOW to make all of these great ideas come true seems overwhelming or even impossible.
  • You’re finally ready to get serious about making your perfect home become a reality, no matter what it takes. You’re ready to turn your “someday” mentality into a “today” reality. You just have a lot of fear, overwhelm, and lack of confidence, encouragement, and support.
  • You want to educate yourself on the home design and construction process but as you look through books, websites, blogs, and forums, they all something different and you aren’t even sure which are reliable and credible sources. Some even seem a little biased in their opinions.
  • You feel alone as if you’re the only one going through this experience. But you know that can’t be true. You just wish you had a way to reach out to others, share stories, learn, and support one another through this adventure.
  • All you want is ONE comprehensive resource that not only presents all the information you need to make your dream home a reality in a way that’s easy to understand, but you also want some support along the way for those tougher times.

We’re sure some of these resonate with you.

The good news is you’re here for a reason. You’re here because you’re tired of all those other outdated, unreliable, confusing resources out there that just aren’t cutting it. Well guess what? We’re here to help! That’s why we created this ultimate resource.

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So, What Exactly Is The OPEN DOOR and

How Can It Help Me?”

 The OPEN DOOR is a welcoming place for helpful information, resources, coaching, and a supportive community to help you boldly go forth to realize your dream home.

At the OPEN DOOR, we help overcome the barriers preventing people from pursuing their dream project. We fill in the missing link by providing support, encouragement, and supplemental resources so homeowners like you can actually create the homes they’ve always wanted.

We outline steps in an easy to understand way to help you visualize the process before it even starts. By making the information relatable, we help you become more confident from the start, letting you focus on the right things at the right time and prepare you for making those big decisions when they come.

And most of all, we do it in a structured, informative and SIMPLE way, removing the uncertainty and confusion from the process.

Our mission is to help you accomplish your big goal, your perfect home, according to what “perfect” truly means to you. And if you don’t know what “perfect” means to you yet, we have ideas and tools to help you discover that, too.

And it’s all here for you in ONE place.

The OPEN DOOR Is a ‘Living’ Resource

That’s Always Evolving For YOUR Needs.

Unlike other home design and building resources online (and offline) that are either incomplete or outdated, we are always updating and refreshing the content and resources at the OPEN DOOR. This includes industry developments, updates on housing construction, or supplemental details and content based on YOUR feedback. Yes, that’s right! We want to hear from YOU! How can we improve the content and your experience here? What’s missing? How can we serve you better?

Our goal is to make your learning experience meaningful, relevant, transformative, and most of all, FUN and ENJOYABLE!

Ready to join us? Come on in, our door’s always OPEN…

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