Do you want to design and build a new custom home, a whole house renovation or an addition to your current home? Are you a first-timer excited and nervous for the challenge?

If so, you’re also probably struggling to figure out how to do it all, right?

You’ve got tons of questions…

  • Where do you start?
  • Who do you talk to first?
  • What will the process be like?
  • What are the steps involved?
  • How much will everything cost?

I get it. The process is anything but simple. No two projects, processes, or budgets are alike. It’s understandable how overwhelming it can feel, especially with such uncertainty and lack of concrete answers.

Like most people who decide to build a custom project, you’ve probably already spent hours and hours online trying to learn as much as you can about the design and construction process.

What have you discovered in research so far?

  • It’s a complex process with a lot of moving parts.
  • The information seems confusing, hard to understand, and isn’t explained in an organized way.
  • Everyone says something a little different.
  • You’re not sure if the information you’re reading is credible and reliable.
  • You’re not sure who you can trust because the information seems biased or told through a certain point of view with their own interest in mind.


Of course, the more you know about the process, the more prepared you’ll be to deal with whatever comes your way (and trust me, unexpected things will always come up).

But, sometimes all this information causes even more confusion and frustration. You get taken around and around in circles, reading things that aren’t relevant or missing things that are. 

And, what about those looming fears and mental blocks that linger in your head and won’t go away?

Do any of these fears and blocks sound familiar?

  • Fear that you’ll spend too much money and time on your project.
  • Fear that you won’t like your home when it’s finished.
  • Fear that you’ll be taken advantage of during the process.
  • Lack of confidence and courage to make this project happen.


All too often aspiring homeowners let their lack of knowledge and confidence get in the way of their dreams. They think the process is too confusing and aren’t motivated enough to take the steps necessary to make it happen. It’s unfortunate because they end up compromising in the end and settling for something less than great.

But you know what? It doesn’t have to be that way.


You CAN create that perfect home of yours.


And, the OPEN DOOR is here to help make that happen.

The OPEN DOOR is your go-to online resource for reliable, trustworthy, and honest information about the design and construction process. Packed with a step-by-step game plan, in-depth articles on topics you care most about, and helpful guides, checklists, and worksheets, the OPEN DOOR is here to help you along this exciting journey. Our information is spelled out in a simple, easy-to-understand way. No more guesswork. No more confusion. And not only that, we’re creating a robust support system and community to help empower you, support you, and build up that confidence of yours to make all your home building dreams come true.

Our mission is to help you accomplish your big goal, your perfect home, according to what “perfect” truly means to you. So stick around as we build out this ultimate resource. And feel free to let us know how we’re doing. We’re always listening.

– Yvonne